Texas Rangers Back Field Photos: Thursday and Friday

(some dead space to push the first picture down far enough that it’s sized the same, la la la la)

Jack Leiter
Jack Leiter
Brock Porter
Emiliano Teodo
Sebastian Walcott
Sebastian Walcott
Luisangel Acuna
Yeison Morrobel and Gleider Figuereo (ball wasn’t caught, alas)
Anthony Gutierrez
Tommy Specht
Tommy Specht watching Sebastian Walcott get picked off
Danyer Cueva
Cam Cauley
Cam Cauley and a bird with a taste for danger
Daniel Robert
Chandler Pollard
Side session
Side session
Gleider Figeureo and Yenci Pena (they asked me for a portrait)
Daniel Mateo and Yosy Galan (also asked for a portrait)